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Borrell: Soon we will not buy a drop of oil from Russia

Borrell: Soon we will not buy a drop of oil from Russia

The EU foreign policy chief said: “Several parties are working to extend the grain agreement in… Ukraine“.

He added, “In fact, the grain export agreement is vital because it enables Ukraine to provide food to the world. Several parties are working to extend the agreement, including the United Nations and Turkey. So far, things are going positively, but it all depends on Russia’s goodwill, which did not exist much.”

Borrell pointed out that a large number of African countries suffer from famine because of this, while they are not affected Europe On the issue of grain, “they are able to secure their needs from their internal crops.”

Russian energy

Borrell stressed: “We have reduced our need for Russian energy from 40 percent to 8 percent, but some countries, such as Hungary, are still highly dependent on Russia, and they only have one transmission line coming from Russia. As for us, from here until the end of this year, we will not buy a drop of oil from Russia.”

He added: “I believe that Europe will remain united and during 40 years of political practice I have not seen European Union United to this extent and with this strength, despite the differences and this is normal, as the circumstances of each country differ from the other, and therefore different points of view are normal.”

Putin and Ukraine

In his speech, Borrell noted that Russian President Vladimir Putin “is working to destroy Ukraine, destroy all its electric lines and bring it into a dark and cold winter.”

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“Putin believes that a cold winter will weaken the resolve of Ukrainians and Ukrainian forces, and he believes that democracies are weak and fragile,” he added.

As for the nuclear agreement with Iran, Borrell indicated that Tehran must cooperate more seriously with the International Atomic Energy Agency, if it wants to return to the agreement.

He concluded: “I think that Iran needs this agreement, because the sanctions affect it and cost it a lot.”