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Bosses and Swords, Super League and National Hockey League feuds. Who is right?

The bosses upstairs decided, the employees downstairs angry. The two world’s most famous football and hockey leagues deal with a confrontation between owners and players. The famous NHL stars are bitten by the fact that their dream of starting the Olympics has been thwarted by a directive from above. Premier League coaches and professionals cannot take a break over Christmas despite the Omicron raid. Who is right?

As soon as Brad Marchand, the star of Boston and the entire NHL, learned that the first general of the number one hockey competition had stopped participating in the Olympic Games in Beijing, he expressed his anger on Twitter.

“They break the rules so as not to lose matches and money. Although, according to the agreement, the players will pay for everything so that the owners of the club get back everything they lost due to the epidemic. After all, I know that they do not care about the Olympic Games. They do not take anything from it financially, And that’s it. It’s business, we’re a commodity. “It’s essential to call things a spade,” partner David Pastrňák wrote.

From abroad quickly to Europe. Specifically to Albion. There is also a serious conflict between white-collar workers and sports celebrities.

On December 20, the leadership of the English Premier League, the best football league on Earth, held a crisis meeting. There was only one point on the agenda – the boycott due to Omicron’s massive offensive, which forced a number of games postponed, the Marathon League, or not?

Rule? let’s continue!

Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola responded a few days later in a press conference with a short monologue.

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“The Boxing Day tradition in the Premier League is very important. It is a feature of this competition, and that is why the Premier League is so special. That will not change. I would like to play a lot of matches during this period. I can imagine January 1 in London – Arsenal vs Man City – It’s going to be very cool. But the problem is with the calendar. Players get two or three weeks off in the summer and it’s high season again. That’s too much. Players and managers have to band together and hit or something, because only words won’t It solves the problem. For FIFA, the Premier League, and broadcasters, business is more important than the well-being of the players.”

When asked if he felt the players were on a real strike, he replied: “No, I don’t think so because we want people to be happy to go to the stadium on December 26, 27, 29, 31 and January 1. We play matches because we love to do it.” I’m not saying there is a reason to strike, but there are more and more matches and fewer holidays. And that’s a problem.”

This is not the first time, nor the last, that a fire broke out between the referees of the sports business and pedestrians in the stadiums or ice rinks. It’s the NHL that has suffered from three exceptions when negotiating a collective agreement. In 1994-95, this shortened the primary season by 48 games. The NHL even canceled the 2004/05 season. The year 2012-13 was shortened to 48 games. They also remember going on strike abroad to not find a match between the organization and the players. It entered elite hockey players in April 1992 and lasted 10 days.

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The Premier League has not yet had to deal with such an acute pro revolution. But England, and not just football, remembers well the storm it caused players and fans in the fall with the idea of ​​introducing the Premier League, a closed competition for a small group of top clubs. At the Manchester United training center, he was not far from eager fans to seize representatives of the Red Devils, supporters of this project.

Fortunately, we are not far away now. So far, there has been only a sharp media shootout on both fronts. But what can not be. We live in a difficult time filled with tension, insecurity, fear and frustration accumulated in a transcontinental society. Sports are part of that. Then cut a few matches and the unresolved differences will instantly burn like a pile of dry straw in a giant fire. It’s awkward to play with. Burned bridges will not be rebuilt overnight.

It is better to find middle ground. However, this requires a brilliant mind, experience and a desire to search for a common language. In the two cases mentioned, this has not yet worked. why?

We were looking forward to eight years…

First, let’s put the black and white glasses on right away. Simple, unambiguous judgments have no place in such complex cases and contexts. We’d better dig a probe deeper together.

As part of the first token digs, let’s go back to the summer of 2020. At that time, the leadership of the NHL and the NHLPA ratified a new joint collegiate agreement valid through 2026. It included a clause on the return of professionals from abroad to the Olympic hockey tournament. The last time they got it was in 2014 at the Games in Sochi. They have struggled because, as management champions, they have ambitions to win everything they can during their careers. Only Stanley Cup and Olympic gold holders can take Triple Gold Club tickets.

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He who has little motive, let him remember what happened in the Czech Republic,