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Bossi’s father apologizes to her: One played with my brain and made me do this (video) | news

The father of the singer, Bossi, apologized to her for his actions and statements that offended her.

This came during his arrival as a guest on the first episodes of the artist Saad Al-Sagheer’s program, “Saad Molaha Nar”, on Al-Shams channel.

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Bossi’s father said: I was a mistake from the first, one played with my brain and made me do this, this talk I know the result of it came to you, I am sorry for you, you are my daughter, and blame me for a mistake and its mistake, you take into account that I am a big man and I needed expenses and treatment.

Busy’s father

He continued, “Your right is above me, my daughter, who is upset with me. She is Hanina, and she used to sell me money even when I was working.”

In the end, Saad al-Saghir sent a letter to Bossi asking her to return to her father, forgive him and communicate with him.

Saad Al-Sagheer and Bossi’s father

Bossi’s father had said in a telephone interview with the media, Engy Anwar, on the “New Egypt” program broadcast on the ETC channel: “No one from my children asks about me, and the last time she spoke to me was about two years ago.”


Speaking about Bossi, he added: “She used to sell me money for 3 or 4 years, and she stopped selling me for 5 years, and when I spoke in the media, she sold me two thousand pounds, and then my word and she said to me, O Muhammad, Shaaban, forget that you have a girl named Bossi, and I forgot her and I don’t want anything from her.” .

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