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Breakthrough in the United States: Vaccinated people can meet indoors without a mask

Corona virus

As the vaccine campaign in the United States continues to grow rapidly, at least two weeks of “fully vaccinated” guidelines have been issued at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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Covit vaccines: 100 million dose per month in the EU from April

As the vaccine campaign in the United States continues to grow rapidly, at least two weeks of “fully vaccinated” guidelines have been issued at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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Vaccinate everyone, get vaccinated immediately. Joe Biden’s definite compulsion, because he was in the White House, was like this. Definitely a drastic change compared to the administration of Donald Trump. And the results are visible. In fact, in the United States, the pace of vaccinations is growing exponentially: a quarter of Americans already had at least one administration. As of March 5, more than 2 million people had been vaccinated in a single day.
But there is a lot more. Because as the vaccine machine runs faster, the White House is already preparing for what the United States will look like in the coming months. First, after mass vaccination. Reading the guidelines published today (March 8) on the websites of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a federal organization that is part of the Department of Health, it becomes clear that there is a very clear difference in who is vaccinated. Who has decided not to subject the administration.

Vaccines against Ov Covit-19 – which are written on the body’s website – can be effective in protecting you from getting sick. And people who are vaccinated may start to do certain things that they stopped doing due to infection. ‘The CDC confirms that there is still little scientific evidence of the potential for the spread of a vaccine virus: “We are still learning how vaccines affect the spread of Govt-19”. To this end, “after being fully vaccinated, you should continue to take precautionary measures in public places, such as wearing a mask, staying away from others, and avoiding crowds and badly ventilated areas. But things are changing dramatically about the possibilities.

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What changes here

The American breakthrough comes in the column entitled “What Changed”. Here, the federal agency writes that if you are fully vaccinated, you can do many things that prevent others from doing so. Type: Meeting other people who have been vaccinated, even indoors, without the need to wear a mask. But let’s look at the changes in detail. If you have been fully vaccinated, now in the United States you can: ‘Meet at home with full vaccinated people without wearing a mask; Collecting at home from another family (e.g., seeing relatives living all together) without a mask, unless one of those individuals or someone you live with is at risk for serious illness from Govt-19; If you have been with someone with Covit-19 and you have no symptoms, you do not need to stay away from others or get tested. “

When OK

According to CDC guidelines, people are considered to be fully vaccinated two weeks after the second dose of the two-dose vaccine (hence the fact that Astrogeneca is not yet approved in the United States, so those from Pfizer or Johnson ‘or the two-dose vaccine from Johnson & Johnson’ It is expected that the EMA will approve the European market from March 11). On the other hand, ‘less than 2 weeks after the injection or if you still need a second dose, you are not fully protected. Continue all preventive measures until you are fully vaccinated.

Immunity License

It is not yet clear how these new rules will be applied. But the feeling is that the United States and Europe are thinking about introducing an “immunization license.” A certificate certifying the vaccine and for those who hold it, allowing a cycle with minimal restrictions. The debate over this hypothesis is heated because the scientific facts about immunity (above all regarding the transmission potential of a vaccine) are still very dangerous. Moreover, in many states, access to a vaccine has increased inequality. But it is an undeniable fact that when there are enough vaccines for everyone, the debate over a green card to be vaccinated can be a big challenge.

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