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Pivovarské slavnosti v Hanušovicích.

Brewing festivities in Hanušovice: great music and “tuned” Václav beer

During the afternoon and evening, for example, bands UDG, Reflexy and Slza started on two stages, Dalibor Janda also brought in popular hits, reviving Karát again from Kabáty.

Representatives of the brewery presented cold Wenceslas beer at the event. Brewers cooked it in honor of their patron, Saint Wenceslas.

“It is a proven recipe that has been tried over the years. Sometimes we include this beer in our production. This year we have slightly improved the recipe. For cold hops we used a freshly bred type of hop, which was first introduced in the Czech Republic and has not been It is used after by any production brewery. It gives the beer an interesting spicy aroma with a light touch of citrus fruits,” as described by brewer Luděk Reichl.

He was also a celebrant on the Sabbath. He’s been in the brewery for 27 years, and since then he’s been a brewer for a quarter of a century.

“No one else has held the position of brewer at the Hanušovice brewery for long. It is mainly due to his erudition and experience as well as human qualities. He has been working with the same people for nearly twenty-five years. They tuned the same notes together and found pleasure in This can be seen in the results of their work,” said Vladimir Zica, director of the Holba brewery.

The brewery was founded in Hanušovice in the 1970s. The Holba brand now carries dozens of beers, including soft and mixed drinks. Holba Bears have won a number of awards in competitions.

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Another success was the light beer Holba erák. The best beer in the Czech Republic has become the most popular beer in the prestigious international competition World Beer Awards 2021. The win guarantees her participation in the second round, where she will compete for the title of the best beer in the world in her category.