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Brexit ended in defeat. Britney VL got into trouble with the car and the capital

As of January 1, the United Kingdom has not been an official member of the European Union. As many estimates predict, this will be particularly reflected in international trade. The British government has long described its exports as temporary, but companies sound cautious. The trade agreement between London and Brussels has proven to be one of the biggest issues.

The British Chamber of Commerce has said that bringing the United Kingdom and the European Union back to the negotiating table and challenging them harmoniously is a bargain for trade and will allow militants to fight. Its CEO, Hannah Essex, talks about structural issues that need to be addressed, otherwise British exporters will not leave them. The situation continues to worsen. Essex said it was concerned because export sales were close to the history of our name. Bloomberg.

The European Union is the largest trading partner of the United Kingdom. British imports to EU countries fell 41 percent in January. In Norway, exports of walls recovered, but the bag was 12.5 percent lower than in the same month last year That ternch British Statistical Council. Compared to the 2019 standard, its size was less than 22 percent.

Some packages did not arrive

Many balconies are exchanged for customs and on a weekly basis in large warehouses around the British border, where they are inspected and waited for delivery. Some never came, describing the dilapidated condition of small British merchants in a daily report Financial Times. Export of unexpected taxes, handling of VAT rates and tariffs can lead to ethnic claims.

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More than five small British importers have suspended sales to the EU, three per cent of whom have done so permanently. This is according to a survey released by the British Small Entrepreneurs Association FSB in late April. FSB President Mike Cherry said international traders were plagued by incredible demands and unknown paperwork.

The situation in the food sector is particularly dire. In January, the volume of SR imports with Mesiron fell from 45 45 million to seven million, down from 41.4 million to 13 13 million. Deng reports data from the British Food and Beverage Federation (FDF) Defender. Some types of food exports were later plunged into darkness. Imports of salmon and beef fell 98 percent in January, respectively. 92 percent.

Brexit-related issues have plagued most British companies. norov przkum The British representatives of the consulting firm Ernst & Young (EY) and the London First Group showed that the company had experienced the setbacks of their business model at the end of the transition Brexit period. Thousands of British companies responded to the survey. Half of them will face the fact that they will face current problems for a long time. Tetina (29 percent) later said she had trade with the EU in Peru.

Odlive Chapter

Spolenost EY Shromdila Tak InformationAccording to them, since the Brexit referendum, financial institutions have gradually transferred assets from the UK to the EU, with a total value of around 3 1.3 trillion (approximately 40 trillion k). They changed about 7.5 thousand jobs.

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Moreover, it threatens to make London lose its position as Europe’s leading financial center. In January, he was announced by Amsterdam as the largest European stock exchange. On average, shares worth 9. 9.2 billion were traded daily on the local stock market, reaching 8.6 billion in London. It follows Company data Cboe Exchange.

According to analysts, Britain had the ambition to become a target for young, fast-growing technology companies after leaving the EU. Its shares plummeted after the recent delivery of Delivery, the London Stock Exchange Bloomberg Doubts arose as to whether this ambition could be fulfilled.

The British Independent Financial Regulator (FCA) is now reviewing the rules of operation of the British capital market, with the aim of placing more foreign companies in the local stock market. We are committed to conducting a thorough market research in which we operate, citing the FCA review of Claire Colin Agency. Reuters. They seemed sonvrhyInstitutional companies by easing the subscription rules.