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"Brexit" has benefited immigrants. Access to the UK is now easier

“Brexit” has benefited immigrants. Access to the UK is now easier

Refugees living in northern France said Britain’s exit from the European Union had made it easier for more people to cross the canal in a single day to reach the kingdom by small boats.

The Home Office said 1,185 people crossed the channel on Thursday, despite bad weather and the UK government’s efforts to prevent them.

Refugees who have fled various conflict areas, including Sudan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and Eritrea, told the Guardian that they believe the UK is no longer part of the European Union, which is “more dangerous.” They cannot be deported to other European countries under Union law.

In October 2020, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Brexit would help Britain regain “full control of money, borders and laws.”

The number of asylum seekers in the UK after the conflict has dropped to 31,115 in the past 12 months, but the number of small boats leaving France for the UK has risen sharply since Britain seceded from the European Union.

Previously, when the UK was part of the EU, under an agreement called Dublin, the UK could ask other EU countries to withdraw those who had been proven to have passed through EU safe havens before coming to the UK.

Thanks to the agreement, British authorities were able to access the refugee fingerprint database, after Brexit it was no longer available to them, and refugees could not be asked to be deported to countries where they had fingerprints.

The UK has not yet made any bilateral agreements with other EU countries to reflect the Dublin Accord, so they (refugees) cannot be deported to other countries, the newspaper said.

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The newspaper recently conducted interviews with dozens of asylum seekers in their camps in northern France. In the face of malnutrition, weakness and despair, many fled various conflict areas. Some went through Libya and were detained and abducted there.

A 19-year-old Sudanese man currently in Calais, France, said: “We think we would not be safe if we could not go to the UK. Here the French police beat us and drove us out of our places every day. , No fingerprints. “

Naveed, a Kurdish man sleeping in a tent in Dunkirk, said his family had arranged with the kidnappers to pay for a small boat to cross.

“Everyone here tells me that it is very easy to find security in the UK because of Brexit,” he added.

A Home Office spokesman said: “The British public is tired of seeing people dying on the Channel while ruthless criminal gangs profit from their misery. Rather than making dangerous journeys, we will make it a rule that asylum claims will not be accepted if people travel to or contact safe countries. “

He added, “There is a global and European immigration crisis and states have a moral responsibility to address the issue of illegal immigration. We look forward to our international partners joining us in preventing people from crossing dangerous lines.”

Source: The Guardian