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استمرار مشكلات بريكست.. جارديان: حقوق آلاف من البريطانيين داخل أوروبا فى خطر

Brexit problems persist. Guardian: The rights of thousands of Britons in Europe are at stake

Activists have warned that tens of thousands of British nationals living in France and three other countries could lose their local health, employment and other rights if they do not apply for residency within the next 14 days..

The British newspaper The Guardian reported that a British group had been formed in Europe to defend the post-Brexit rights of the 1.2 million British citizens living on the continent, and called on France, Latvia, Luxembourg and Malta to extend the deadline. On June 30, as in the Netherlands, until October 30.

“We think the deadline should be extended even at this last stage because you are depriving people of their rights, which is very dangerous,” said Jane Golding, co-founder of a group of lawyers living in Germany.

“Care has a special duty and no one should be subject to cracks. It affects health care, pensions, rental property, access to mortgages, employment and all sorts of issues affecting EU citizens. Kingdom,” he said. United “.

According to the British Embassy, ​​with 135,000 Britons, a large number of British citizens are at risk of losing their rights, with an estimated population of 148,300 applying for post – Brexit residency and at least 13,300 at risk. The new permit will be mandatory from October 1.

French and British officials agree that France does not require EU citizens to register, and the actual number of Britons living in the country may be much higher – and it is more difficult to contact them than in countries such as the Netherlands before Brexit. . EU registration programs.

Prior to Brexit, UK citizens had the automatic right to live, work, study and retire in another EU member country. But freedom of movement has been denied in the harsh Brexit agreement struck by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and Britons who have been legally residing in some EU member states before December 31, 2020 must formally apply for the new status..

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