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Brexit trade line between Britain and the European Union


The European Union (EU) has said Britain has demanded a three-month delay in introducing some trade checks in the wake of London’s “Brexit” scandal in northern Ireland.

The European Union (EU) has said London will delay until September 30 the rules for banning frozen meats such as sausage from the UK, Scotland and Wales to Northern Ireland.

The regulation is due to take effect at the end of June, and the EU said in a statement that it would like to “evaluate” British demand.

Morozovic, an EU “Brexit” official, said he would try to meet with his British envoy, David Frost, soon to discuss his request in detail.

Britain and the European Union are at odds over Brexit trade arrangements for Northern Ireland, the only part of the United Kingdom that borders the 27-nation alliance.

The secession agreement reached between the two sides was to carry out customs and border checks on certain goods moving between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK. These regulations are aimed at opening the borders on the island of Ireland, a key pillar of the Northern Ireland peace process.

Britain unilaterally delayed the implementation of some of the sanctions, which led to the EU threatening to take legal action. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has hinted that there may be a delay in implementing the sausage ban.

Britain accuses the union of taking a “fundamentalist” approach to the rules and causing unnecessary disruption to businesses.

The two sides are in talks to resolve the dispute, but Frost said Wednesday: “We have not made much progress.”

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