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العروس دينا مخملجي تختار فستان ليلة العمر بمساعدة النسخة العربية من البرنامج العالمي «سي يس تو ذا درس».  تصوير: أشوك فيرما

Brides looking for a dream dress in Dubai.. (Video)

It is not easy for a girl to choose a wedding dress, as it is the dream dress that she has dreamed of since childhood. In choosing this dress, the girl faces some challenges between what can be popular and what suits her in terms of shape, and for this reason, she may be late in choosing it. “Yes to the Lesson” dedicated to choosing wedding dresses is world-famous, and in its Arabic version, which was launched from Dubai, a large group of Arab participants are going through an interesting journey to choose the dress for the night of their life, and the program in its Arabic version provides the opportunity for girls to obtain advice and guidance by specialists to choose the appropriate dress which suits them.

difficult experience

The bride, Dina Makhmalji, participated in the program to choose her wedding dress, and she said about her participation: “When I heard about the program, I loved the idea and sought to participate in order to be part of it, because the experience of choosing a wedding dress is one of the difficult experiences. I searched for four months for the right wedding dress, before entering the program, but In vain, and I also wanted to live this experience with the support of my family, because I was suffering from getting lost in choosing a dream dress.” She added, “Initially, I wanted to wear a pink dress, but the fashion designer on the program convinced me not to choose the pink color, because it is not a wedding color, and he also gave me a set of many tips about the style of the dress that fits the body shape, which I can choose. As well as the percentage of crystal that illuminates the dress in a special way.”

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And about the journey to search for a wedding dress before the program, Makhmalji noted that before the program she spent more than four months searching, but she was not able to choose the dress that suits her, but with her participation in the program, she was able to choose the dress within only one week. She indicated that she chose the dress with many shiny stones because it reflects on the photography and carries a lot of sparkle, as she chose the princesses story from below and without sleeves, and these details were identical to the shape of the dress that she dreamed of.

Regarding the bride’s choice of the appropriate dress for her without being affected by her family, she confirmed that the bride is greatly affected by the opinions of those around, but this did not prevent her from choosing the dress that she loved and desired, and for this she gave advice to the girl who is preparing for her wedding, not to become aggravated by not finding the dress that she is looking for, but rather She searches with a long mind to find the dress that satisfies her dreams, and to search for what will convince her in the first place, before convincing her family and surroundings.

The sales official of the center from which the program’s dresses were selected, Ghada Al-Shaarani, told “Emirates Today” that as a house specializing in wedding dresses, they are working to provide six new dresses every month, other than the special requests that brides can request, which may take their design and implementation. From one to two months. Regarding the most popular dresses in the UAE, Al-Shaarani indicated that most customers are from the Gulf, and they are more inclined to dresses that contain a lot of crystals, so they prefer the dress that sparkles with stones, while in terms of color they tend to the color of “champagne”. She emphasized that brides tend to rent a wedding dress, so the boutique offers a copy of the dress design in a very small size, which the bride can keep as a memory from her wedding. She noted that the designers in the house are of different nationalities, and each designer puts his own mark on the designs, and this leads to the great diversification of the designs presented.

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To watch the video, yPlease click on this link.

Bridal opportunity

The Arabic version of “Say Yes to the Lesson”, which is one of the most famous international programs of TLC channel, provides an exceptional opportunity for brides from the Middle East region to appear in its episodes, as the different production company, producing the program, is looking for brides from the Arab world and around the world. They are in the UAE to participate in it. Since its launch in 2007 in America, the program has helped hundreds of brides find the perfect wedding dress. Various versions of this series presented by the legendary designer and presenter Randy Finoli have been released at the Clinefield Bridal Store in New York, as well as many regional and international copies of the program in Atlanta and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. United States, Lancashire, Ireland, Canada, Asia, the Benelux countries, and many more.

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