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Brief History of Contemporary Psychology.. The latest publications of the Syrian Book Authority

Recently published by the Syrian General Book Organization, the book (A Brief History of Contemporary Psychology), written by: Dr. Badr Al-Din Amoud.

The central task of this book is to introduce the most important psychological ideas through the stations of the movement of human thought up to the middle of the nineteenth century with the aim of providing the reader with a clear perception, as much as possible, about this part of the human heritage that was the starting point of the pioneers of psychology when formulating their theories at the beginning of the twentieth century, and what it introduced Its followers and supporters, throughout this period that separates us from its emergence, made modifications to it in order to overcome its weaknesses, and correct its teachings in the guidance of developments in cultural activity and the data of scientific practice.
It is not possible to claim the perfection of what is presented in a work like this and to claim that everything that should be said about the long past of psychology, and its relatively short history, has been said in it, due to the impossibility of describing what humans produce with perfection, and the difficulty of realizing the purpose of saying everything one aspires to say about the topics of his interest. Therefore, the discussion of the past was limited to the most prominent views of human thought presented by the masters of human thought, and about history to the most important theories, schools, and psychological trends, whose teachings had an important role in developing many fields of human activities, service and productivity, and enriching our experiences about psychological manifestations in man. Especially in the various stages of his life and his positions in society, and the methods and tools for developing his personality traits in an integrated and harmonious manner for the sake of his well-being and the progress and prosperity of his society.

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A book (Brief History of Contemporary Psychology), written by: Dr. Badr Al-Din Amoud, recently published by the Syrian General Book Authority 2023.