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Britain and Australia have agreed to invest in infrastructure in the Indo-Pacific region

Britain and Australia have agreed to invest in infrastructure in the Indo-Pacific region

British Secretary of State Lis Truss and his Australian envoy Maurice Payne have agreed to co-operate to provide clean and transparent funding for infrastructure investment that meets the needs and priorities of their countries’ allies in the Indo-Pacific region.

According to a report on the British Government’s official website, Truss and Payne signed a memorandum of understanding today, Thursday, as part of a British – Australian ministerial visit to Australia and after a roundtable discussion with private investors. In Sydney.

The report said the new agreement would strengthen cooperation between the UK and Australia in infrastructure investment across the Indo-Pacific and provide opportunities for co-financing and additional technical assistance for high-level development projects such as disaster relief and climate change. Bearable infrastructure.

“The UK and Australia are partners and we are committed to playing a positive and active role by financing and providing clean and reliable infrastructure,” Truss said.

“The UK is committed to building a network of independence, which means protecting democracy by supporting the development needs of countries in the Indo-Pacific region,” he added.

Payne said: “We have gradually changed our investment approach to meet the needs and priorities of advanced infrastructure across the Indo-Pacific, with a strong focus on anti-climate programs.”

“We look forward to deepening our engagement with the UK to provide practical infrastructure solutions such as stimulating economic growth, improving connectivity and achieving development goals in the Indo-Pacific region,” he added.

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