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بريطانيا وحلفاؤها يعربون عن قلقهم إزاء تأثير العملية الروسية على أطفال أوكرانيا

Britain and its allies are concerned about the impact of Russian action on Ukraine’s children

The British Government is deeply concerned about the devastating and long-term impact on children of Russia’s military action in Ukraine.

The British embassy in Kyiv said – in a joint statement with the embassies of the United States, Canada, Australia, Austria, France, Japan and the European Union delegation on the occasion of International Children’s Day, “It is not. The total number of children who fell as a result of military operations can be calculated, but according to the data of the United Nations High Commissioner”. By mid-November, more than 400 children had been killed and 750 injured.

The report suggested that the total actual losses would be much higher, pointing out that hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian children were forced to flee their country, in addition to having a long-term and devastating impact on the mental and psychological health of Ukrainian children. By fleeing to safe countries or by forced deportation and abduction without parental knowledge.

He said that following attacks on Ukraine’s key national infrastructure, the educational process has been disrupted following electricity and internet blackouts, countless schools have been destroyed and children are suffering from lack of electricity, heat and water.

The international community is standing by to protect Ukraine’s future generations, and warned that Russia’s transgressions would have dire consequences.

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