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بريطانيا تمنع لوحة تعود للقرن الـ 17 من مغادرة البلاد.. تعرف على السبب

Britain bans 17th-century painting from leaving the country. Find out why

Britain has temporarily banned a 17th-century painting of a “black woman with a white woman” from leaving the country to reduce the risk of works of art leaving Britain..

The painting is unknown to its creator, and the Ministry of Culture, Media and Sports said in a statement that it was “extremely rare” and valued at 27 272,800, and that the ban would last until March 9, 2022. The buyer from the United Kingdom may leave it in the country until after it has been purchased.

Titled “Symbolic Drawing of Two Women,” the painting depicts a white woman and a black woman wearing identical dresses, hair, jewelry and intimate makeup in a snapshot that equates them, CNN reports.

It is unusual for a black babysitter to be depicted in a painting in the 1950s, which “sparked a major debate about race and gender during this period.” This painting is unique because both women wear identical “beauty patches”. A type of facial makeup that was popular in the seventeenth century.

The style of work is associated with the popular wooden prints of the time, i.e. compositional metaphor and satirical poems, texts and pamphlets..

Commentators on the painting said: “This wonderful painting teaches us a lot about 17th century England, including key areas of race and gender that still attract attention and research today. And .we A gallery or museum in the UK was found to buy this painting for the country so that more people could be part of the research and discussion around it.