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بريطانيا: المواطنون العالقون بأفغانستان سيواجهون تحديا لإيجاد طريق للخروج

Britain: Citizens stranded in Afghanistan face a challenge to find a way out

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Robb said on Tuesday that British nationals in Afghanistan would face a challenge to leave the country and find a way to the UK now.

In an exclusive report to the English language network “Sky News”, Rob estimated the number of British nationals who had not been converted as part of a British evacuation attempt, ending at “a few hundred” at the moment – advised – it was not clear this week after the withdrawal of US and British troops in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan When the station is operational – those who have tried to find a way to England via neighboring countries and leave the country.

He pointed out that since April, more than 17,000 Britons and Afghans who have worked with the UK and other people at risk have been deported, explaining that arrangements have been made with third countries and confirming by talking to senior officials in them. Can get a workable and viable path to eviction. Pending cases.

He stressed that in addition to the terms of the UN Security Council resolution released on Monday, the United Kingdom would retain the Taliban for its guarantees.

Commenting on the Taliban ‘s control of Kabul airport now after the final withdrawal of Western forces in recent days, Rob said, “There is a certain amount of doubt about the operational capability of operating this airport safely.”

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