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Britain co-hosts summit on Afghanistan

Britain co-hosts summit on Afghanistan

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Elaf from London: The United Kingdom has announced that it will co-host a virtual United Nations summit to pledge to resolve the continuing growing humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.
British sources say the goal of next month’s summit is to raise the $ 4.4 billion needed by the United Nations to deal with the growing humanitarian catastrophe in Afghanistan.
The UK set aside 28 286 million to support the Afghans last year, and British officials, including Nick Dyer, special envoy for humanitarian affairs and famine relief, traveled to Kabul last week (February 10) to negotiate with the Taliban on how to respond. The worst humanitarian crisis.


At this virtual summit the donor countries, the UN. Agencies and Afghan civil society are expected to participate. The pledges made at this summit were the largest UN resolution for a single country that I launched last month.
The United Nations is seeking to raise $ 4.4 billion to help more than 24.4 million Afghans in need of emergency humanitarian relief as half of the country’s population faces severe hunger.
The summit also aims to mobilize international support for access to basic services in Afghanistan, particularly health and education. Funding will be provided by trusted UN agencies and charities operating in the field.

Report by Liz Trace

British Foreign Secretary Lis Truss said the conference was an important moment for the international community to increase its support in tackling the growing humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. If the level of demand is unparalleled, the consequences of inaction can be catastrophic.
“The UK is committed to leading the global effort,” he added. We will unite international allies to mobilize vital assistance needed for food, shelter, health services, protection of women and girls, and support for stability in the region.

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Martin Griffiths, UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Coordinator for Emergency Relief, said: “We are grateful to the UK for co-hosting this important summit to mobilize international support for Afghanistan’s humanitarian needs. We welcome donors from around the world to work together to save the lives and future of Afghans.
Being sluggish every day will cause more suffering to the people of Afghanistan, he said. They need a lifeline. He added: The other sponsors of the summit will be announced later.
Last month, the UK pledged £ 97m in emergency aid to provide food, health care and water to more than 2.7 million people. This brings the total pledges made by the UK this financial year to 28 286 million.

Purpose of British Assistance Tracked from October:
Supports more than 60 hospitals and provides health services to more than 300,000 people
Ensure that 4.47 million people receive emergency food assistance through the World Food Program
Providing emergency assistance to 6.1 million people in the areas of health, water, security, shelter, food and education through the United Nations Humanitarian Fund for Afghanistan.