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Britain Crosses Red Line Over Ukraine…America’s Shock

US newspaper “Politico”, citing sources, said officials in US President Joe Biden’s administration were “holding their breath” over Britain’s decision to send long-range missiles to Ukraine, a move by Washington. do not want to take

Politico said there was no change in Washington’s position and that the Pentagon would not send the British Army’s tactical missile system, or ATACMS, to Ukraine, even if the UK crossed that line first.

According to reports, the British Ministry of Defense has expressed interest in providing Ukraine with strike capabilities up to 300 kilometers away.

The wording was included in a procurement notice issued last week by the British-led International Fund for Ukraine, which serves as a means of transporting military aid to Kiev.

The weapons in question could be Storm Shadow cruise missiles, which, unlike ground-launched ballistic ATACMS, must be launched from an air base but have the same range, the newspaper said.

Kiev has long demanded that Western donors provide it with the ability to strike targets from afar, and the United States and its allies have promised not to attack territories recognized as Russian.

The British-French Storm Shadow missile was developed in the 1990s and has been used in a number of British military operations, including the 2018 joint US, UK and French retaliatory strike in Syria.

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