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Britain detains about 200 migrants on Sunday

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Elaf from London: British sources say 150 to 200 migrants were detained by border officials as they tried to cross the English Channel on Sunday.

The (Sky News) channel also said that a large number of boats were parked throughout the day and that many of them, including children, were brought ashore. The pictures also show people boarding boats in Dover, Kent.

The boats are affiliated with the Royal National Lifeboat Foundation (RNLI), the largest life-saving charity off the coast of the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland and the Channel Islands.

Nearly 6,000 people have come to the UK in the first six months of this year, according to an analysis by the Agency (PA), which surpasses last year’s record of 8,417, and crossings are even higher than they are at current rates.

Strict sentences
“The number of people trying to make the crossroads more dangerous has increased as Home Secretary Prithi Patel has announced that those trying to reach the UK and smugglers will face severe imprisonment in an attempt to prevent the purchase.”

The new enactments form part of the Citizenship and Boundaries Bill, which will be read for the first time in Parliament on Tuesday, as part of the Home Secretary’s pledge to “fix” what he described as the UK’s “broken asylum system”.

If the law is passed, knowingly entering the UK without permission is a criminal offense and those found guilty could face up to four years in prison.

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People kidnappers can face up to 14 years in prison, under the same laws.

Favorite destination
The Home Office says immigrants are more likely to “choose the UK as a preferred destination than others” rather than seek asylum in previous countries.

According to the Home Secretary’s aides, the law will be designed to allow those detained in British waters to be brought ashore and prosecuted.

Officials said the bill “sends a clear message to immigrants that they are considering paying people smugglers to make dangerous and illegal trips to the UK.”

“Our new immigration plan is fair but firm. While preventing the system from being abused, we will welcome people through safe and lawful means, preventing illegal entry and related crimes,” Ms Patel said.

Helpless and paralyzed
In the 2019 election, Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party promised to reform the immigration system, describing it as “almost helpless and paralyzed”, while the Home Secretary said last March that it wanted to deal with “illegal immigration” directly.

Meanwhile, Steve Waldes Symonds, director of refugee and immigration rights at Amnesty International in the UK, said: “While the Home Office does not continue to provide safe and legal ways for asylum seekers in the UK, some are still forced to risk their lives to do so – including small boats across the canal.”

“Instead of promoting deliberately misleading myths and lies about asylum and immigration, the Home Office should create safe passages for some of those fleeing persecution seeking asylum here,” Symonds concluded.