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Britain has announced it will offer 45,000 seasonal work visas to foreign farmers by 2024.

After leaving the European Union, Britain has announced it will offer 45,000 seasonal visas by 2024 to foreigners working in the agricultural sector, which is suffering from shortages.

The British government said it plans to issue 45,000 seasonal visas to workers in the agricultural sector over the next year to deal with labor shortages following a tightening of immigration laws. Britain has left the European Union.

Low unemployment rate

Conservative Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, a spokesman for Britain’s Conservative prime minister, said the current rules “give us the flexibility to move around the system depending on the needs of the UK” and stressed that Great Britain has a “historically low” unemployment rate. 3.9% between January and January this year. Between January and March.

The announcement came a day after a controversial speech by Home Secretary Zoella Braverman during a conference in London organized by US right-wing group National Conservatism.

Braverman is known for his tough stances on immigration and his campaigns within the British Conservative Party and his ambition to dramatically reduce the number of regular immigrants.

In his speech last Monday, the Home Minister said that the country’s workers, including those from the agricultural sector, could be found without relying on foreign workers.

British media reports have reported growing tensions between Braverman’s position and the pragmatic view of Prime Minister Sunak, who previously celebrated “hardworking British farmers putting food on our plates”, he said in one of his tweets.

“That’s why we’re helping them export more British food, increasing productivity, increasing innovation and skills,” Sunack said, adding, “We’re supporting British agriculture to grow the UK economy.”

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Activists criticize Braverman’s “fascist policies.”

Activists from the climate group “Extension Rebellion” interrupted Braverman’s speech at the start of his speech last Monday as a man protested, then a woman, at the group’s “nationalist conservative” conference. .

Afterward, the environmental group wrote in a statement posted on Twitter that it deliberately ignored the “increasingly alarmist rhetoric” of high-profile political figures and criticized the anti-immigrant policies Braverman promoted. Outright extremism, and supporting recent repressive measures. , the Conservative government announced an end to illegal landings on British shores. The group criticized the “fascist ideologies of the government and senior members of parliament”.

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After activists aligned with an environmental group were kicked out of the conference, the minister resumed his speech, saying the desire to control national borders was “not because of racism”.

“There’s no reason we can’t train enough truck drivers or butchers or fruit pickers or miners” so we can be less dependent on “low-skilled foreign workers,” Braverman said.

The minister indicated that his ultimate ambition is to reduce immigration to less than 100,000 per year, compared to a projected 700,000 by 2023.