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Britain heads to G7 to discuss growing threats

Britain heads to G7 to discuss growing threats

Amid the crisis over Russia’s intentions towards Ukraine, top ambassadors of a group of seven industrialized nations gathered near the Mercy River in Liverpool as host Britain sought to “show solidarity against global occupiers.” Due to Russia’s “bad behavior” and tensions with China and Iran, the UK is seeking an elusive consensus from the rich club. A US State Department spokesman said that as the new round of talks on the nuclear deal began on December 9, Foreign Minister Anthony Flinkon of Britain, Germany and France held a “meeting” with his colleagues to discuss the Iranian nuclear deal. The meeting of the Joint Committee on the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and the United States announced the imposition of sanctions. .

Hostile parties

Inaugurating a meeting of foreign ministers from the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Japan, British Secretary of State Liz Tross received US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen and his other G7 colleagues. “We must defend ourselves against the growing threats of hostile actors … and unite strongly against the invaders who seek to limit the boundaries of freedom and democracy.”

The British government said in a statement on Monday that Truss and Blingen had met “late on Friday and expressed deep concern over the build-up of Russian troops on the Ukrainian border.” Both politicians said that “any Russian incursion would be a strategic mistake with dire consequences.”

Forces and weapons

The United States and its NATO allies have said the movement of Russian troops and weapons across the border could be a precursor to aggression and would impose tougher sanctions on the Russian economy. Kiev of its alleged occupation plots. Before the meeting, Truss warned that “free democracies” must cut themselves off from Russian gas and Russian money to protect their independence.

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Referring to the controversial Nord Stream 2 pipeline built to transport gas from Russia to Germany, he said he would like to work with other countries to “ensure that independent democracies are an alternative to Russia’s gas supply.” On one side of the crowd, Truss met with Germany’s new foreign minister, Annalena Barbok, a green environmentalist who previously opposed Nord Stream 2.

Britain, which does not rely heavily on Russian gas, has been critical of the pipeline, and Truss stressed that Britain is ready to consider new economic measures to protect its “core values”.

The weekend meeting is the last major event of the UK G7 presidency.

Diplomats in Liverpool also plan to discuss tensions in the Western Balkans, North Korea and China.

The meeting comes as negotiators gather in Vienna to try to renew a stagnant international agreement on Iran’s nuclear ambitions.