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Britain imposes sanctions on five people accused of corruption, including a former Iraqi official


British Foreign Secretary Dominic Robb

As part of its policy to fight corruption around the world, Britain has imposed sanctions on five people from various countries, including the son of a former Iraqi official and the president of Equatorial Guinea.

The United Kingdom has said it has frozen the financial assets of five people and imposed travel bans on them over allegations of embezzlement of public funds in Equatorial Guinea, Zimbabwe, Venezuela and Iraq.

“The action we are taking today is targeting individuals who have illegally filled their pockets at the expense of citizens,” Foreign Minister Dominic Robb said in a statement.

Theodore O’Brien, the son of the current president and vice president of Equatorial Guinea, has confirmed that the Foreign Ministry has imposed sanctions for embezzling government funds and transferring them to his personal bank accounts.

In addition to arranging deals through corruption and soliciting bribes, Opiang paid $ 500 million to buy Paris Palace, luxury cars and Michael Jackson’s belongings, including a tour of $ 275,000, including a crystal-engraved glove worn by the pop star in his song. Worst “between 1987-1989.

Britain imposed sanctions on Colombian contractors Alex Nin Chap Moran and Alvaro Enrique Pulito Vargas, using Venezuela’s food and housing programs to deliver on inflation.

The Venezuelan Foreign Ministry responded to the British decision by saying that sanctions were “criminal” and reflected the immorality of the British government, which had established itself as the world’s anti-corruption judge.

Source: “AFP”