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Britain is considering annual health checks to reduce labor shortages

British newspaper “The Guardian” reported that in an effort to deal with the country’s labor shortage, Britain is considering annual health check-ups for workers and health benefits for companies to avoid chronic illnesses for employees.

The newspaper added that the plans include subsidies to companies for occupational health services to prevent chronic illness, as part of the government’s review of Labor to be published with this month’s budget.

Ministers asked the Migration Advisory Committee whether the hospitality, construction and retail industries should be on the list of labor shortage sectors and help recruit from abroad.

Hospitality workers are believed to be more likely to be listed, making it easier for workers from abroad to find work.

Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt ordered a Labor review amid fears the economy was falling; Due to labor shortages arising from the pandemic and Brexit.

Health screening programs will form part of a workforce review carried out by the Department for Work and Pensions with input from the Department of Health and Social Care.

The decision comes in an effort to understand why there are about 600,000 more “economically inactive” people of working age than there were before the pandemic.

Under the plan, there could be a trial of a new subsidy for small businesses that would help purchasers of occupational health services recover 80% of their costs from the government.

Also reviewed are childcare costs, which are a major barrier for parents of young working-age children to enter the workforce full-time.

After being asked to make choices by the Treasury Department, Education Department officials offered a 30-hour-a-week benefit plan for working parents of children aged nine months to three years.

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The report said the Treasury is expected to choose to make changes to Universal Credit, in particular giving parents lower rates for childcare rather than leaving them in arrears.