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Britain is mitigating the spread of the Indian boom

Britain is mitigating the spread of the Indian boom

Bolton, an industrial city in northwest England the size of Ostrava, has become the British focus for the Indian type of coronavirus. According to British Health Secretary Matt Hancock, most of the people now infected with the COVID-19 virus have not been vaccinated at a local hospital. They were already eligible to get the vaccine. It will mainly help them fight disease.

The so-called Indian mutation is actually a designation for three different types of coronavirus. One of them is now spreading in England. However, there is growing evidence that AstraZeneca vaccination is most commonly used in Britain. he can Prevent this infection very well. Research by researchers in India revealed 97% reliability, and data directly from Britain should confirm high efficiency in the coming days, the server announces Politico.

The vaccine can also virtually rule out a dangerous course of disease with the need for hospitalization. Effective way They are Fabrics from Pfizer and Modern.

Indian The mutation is still relatively common in Britain, with the exception of outbreaks in northern England. However, scientists already know that it is much more contagious than previous versions of the virus, and thus Minister Hancock assumes that it will soon spread across the country. In this context, Prime Minister Boris Johnson called on citizens, including the youngest, to not hesitate to get vaccinated.

Britain To date, 30 percent of the population has been vaccinated Belongs Along with Malta, Monaco, and Hungary, it is among the most fortified countries in Europe. Thanks to this, it is possible that the interiors of restaurants, hotels, cinemas and fitness centers in the country will open on Monday. The abolition of rules restricting interpersonal communication means that some relatives and friends will be allowed to hug again for the first time since the start of the epidemic, and British media has described the prevailing euphoria.

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But Bolton in northern England and some other cities are lagging behind in vaccination. Already last fall, conspiracy theories spread among people there, according to which covid-19 actually does not exist. Their supporters now Belongs For those who refuse to be vaccinated and to comply with the rules of hygiene, which, according to the server Politico, leads the British government to fear that this minority of people could thwart the positive development of the epidemic in the country. Politico quoted a British government source as saying, “Even if a small number of people reject the vaccine, the highly contagious type of virus can easily cause a large number of deaths.”

Last week, the number of people infected with the Indian mutation in Britain more than doubled to 1,300, and four people have died so far, according to the authorities. There was not a single vaccinated person among them. specific Health Minister Hancock. Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned on Friday of the potential for “serious disruption” in the final phase of lifting restrictions in the second half of June if the situation gets out of control. Then they should Open And clubs and re-launch of collective sporting and cultural events. The niqab will remain in selected public places while maintaining a distance between people.

Starting Monday, the British can travel abroad more freely, which has benefited tens of thousands of them in a single day. And this despite its persistence List So far, there are only twelve “permitted” destinations in London, of which three are European: Iceland, Gibraltar and Portugal. After returning from all the others, a ten-day quarantine remains mandatory.

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However, some other countries are already acting cautiously. For example, the authorities have been in Germany since Sunday is back Due to concerns about the Indian boom, the UK is a high risk destination. But it’s more than just a symbolic move, in fact nothing is changing for riders at the moment.

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