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Britain is ready to expel 200 dogs and cats from a plane in Afghanistan UK News

Britain is ready to expel 200 dogs and cats from a plane in Afghanistan UK News


Britain’s defense minister announced on Wednesday that a British animal shelter in Afghanistan would allow about 200 dogs and cats to be flown on a charter flight from Kabul, sparking controversy.

The campaign launched by former Marine Paul Bean Farting to take his animals has caused controversy, with thousands of people trying to flee the Taliban before U.S. forces withdrew by August 31.

After serving with the British Army in Afghanistan, he founded the animal charity “Nawsat” in Kabul to save cats, dogs and donkeys.

While he was in Kabul, he was able to raise funds for a flight with the intention of evacuating his staff and their families, in addition to carrying about 200 cats and dogs at his call (Operation Ark).

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace has previously said it would be a mistake to prioritize pets over people when thousands of people are waiting outside the airport.

Earlier on Wednesday, Wallace tweeted that he had allowed officials to facilitate transactions for Afghanistan Farting staff at Kabul airport.

As it happened, Wallace said, “If Farting comes with his animals, we will look for a place for his plane.”

He added that Farting and his Afghan staff, who had obtained UK visas, could board the RAF flight without the animals.

After the minister’s comments on Tuesday, Farting launched a campaign with the support of celebrities, including comedian Ricky Jervis, who criticized the position of the British Ministry of Defense.

British newspapers have traditionally supported campaigns to help animals overseas, and the Sun newspaper announced Wednesday that Wallace is hoping for a journey of grace.

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Farting said the 250-seat plane could carry animals and carry Afghanistan in empty seats.

The United Kingdom has evacuated more than 10,000 people from Afghanistan since August 13, and several flights are planned, the defense ministry said.

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