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بريطانيا تطلق برنامجا ابتكاريا يدعم استخدام الذكاء الاصطناعى لتقليل انبعاثات الكربون

Britain launches innovative scheme to support use of artificial intelligence to reduce carbon emissions

Official website of the British Government The Artificial Intelligence project to offset carbon is part of the British Government’s innovation package to achieve one billion pounds of net zero emissions, with £1.5 million of funding. Separate tracks of grant funding will be launched in two phases.

The first phase is worth £500,000 to co-fund a virtual hub on artificial intelligence innovation and decarbonisation until March 2025, while the second phase is worth £1 million and will fund innovation projects. Promotes the development of artificial intelligence technologies to support carbon removal.

Later in 2023, the UK government intends to provide additional funding to support priority areas in AI innovation identified by the Virtual Center of Excellence as critical to achieving net zero emissions.

Commenting on this, UK Science Minister George Freeman said: “The UK is one of the most advanced AI economies in the world, and AI technology is already having a transformative impact on our economy and society, but there is huge potential to do more.”

He said the artificial intelligence program for carbon removal “provides an opportunity to draw on and build on the UK’s excellent experience in this sector…the introduction of this fast-growing technology will help businesses and households save on energy costs. Deliver high-skills jobs and start investing.” Millions of pounds worth of energy while supporting our goals to achieve net zero emissions.

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