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Britain plans to include thousands of Afghans in the new refugee program

Britain plans to include thousands of Afghans in the new refugee program

Britain on Tuesday announced plans to add 5,000 Afghans who left the Taliban in the first year of a new resettlement program that prioritizes women, women, religion and other minorities.

Foreign powers are evaluating how Islamist Taliban fighters will react after a rapid seizure of power in Afghanistan, albeit for fear of rapidly declining women’s rights, rather than promising.

Britain already plans to move 5,000 people as part of its Afghanistan resettlement and assistance policy designed to help current and former UK government employees, and on Tuesday announced plans to move forward with a new plan.

Home Secretary Priti Patel said: “We are doing everything we can in support of Afghanistan fleeing Afghanistan so I can make sure they can safely start a new life in the UK.”

“The resettlement program for Afghan citizens will save lives.”

The Conservative government must face pressure from opposition parties and charities to develop details on how it can help Afghanistan.

Patel’s ministry said the project aims to help 20,000 people in the long run.

In an article in the Telegraph, Patel called on other countries to help bring refugees to Afghanistan as well.

He wrote: “The UK is doing all it can to encourage other countries to help. We do not want to be led by example, we can not do it alone.”

As the situation has changed rapidly over the past few days, it is difficult to evacuate people stranded in other parts of Afghanistan due to lack of access to the airport or a third country.

“The complex picture on the ground will be significant challenges in delivering the plan, but the government is acting quickly to address these obstacles,” the Interior Office said in a statement.

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