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Britain plans to send armored vehicles to Ukraine

Britain plans to send armored vehicles to Ukraine

The Times reports that Britain is making plans to send armored vehicles to Ukraine.

Options under consideration by the Department of Defense include an armored patrol vehicle such as the Mastiff or a vehicle such as the jackal that can be used as a long-range reconnaissance or patrol vehicle.

The Times quoted security sources as saying that key equipment in the vehicles would be removed and British troops would be sent to neighboring Ukraine for training.

The report said Britain would announce additional support in the coming days, including anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles.

According to the UK “Sky News” network, the United Kingdom has decided to impose a complete asset freeze on Russia’s Sberbank, and Russia has pledged to suspend all imports of coal and oil by the end of 2022.

The British Foreign Office explained that the sanctions were in retaliation for Russia’s occupation of Ukraine.

The British Foreign Office has stated that the United Kingdom has completely frozen the assets of “Sberbank” and “Moscow Credit Bank” and has banned the import of Russian iron and steel products.

The British Foreign Secretary has said that his country has imposed a new ban on investing in Russia, as well as the export of oil refining equipment to Russia.

Britain has decided to ban all investment in Russia and impose sanctions on the finance and energy sectors.

The United States announced this morning that it was imposing sanctions on the two daughters of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Washington said the latest move was in response to abuses by Russian forces in Pucha, where more than 300 bodies were found, with some civilians tied behind their backs.

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The United States believes many of the Russian president’s assets have been hidden by family members.

The sanctions also target the wife and daughter of Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

Sanctions will cut off all members of the Putin family who are close to the US financial system and freeze assets they hold in the United States.