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Britain plans to tighten sanctions against illegal immigrants

Britain plans to tighten sanctions against illegal immigrants

Britain wants to increase the prison sentence for immigrants who want to enter the country illegally from six months to four years.

The new move, announced by the Home Office this weekend, is part of a bill to reform the asylum system that will be tabled in the British Parliament on Tuesday.

It now has the maximum sentence of life imprisonment for kidnappers, compared to 14 years in prison.

Last March, the Conservative government presented its proposal to tighten the asylum system, saying the current system was “too burdensome”.

The plan, described by Home Secretary Priti Patel as “fair but decisive”, aims to curb illegal immigration and treat asylum seekers differently depending on whether they come to the country legally or illegally.

Tight immigration conditions are a major issue for Brexit supporters, which has now been achieved and put an end to freedom of movement between Britain and the European Union.

Those who come to the UK in small boats are from a safe country in the European Union, where they can seek asylum.

According to the Department of Immigration, “in a situation like this, they are not looking for a first place to seek asylum”, but “should be shopping” by choosing the UK as their preferred destination using illegal channels.

The bill comes as a record number of migrants crossing the canal in small boats of about 6,000 in the first six months of 2021.

If the same number of cross-sections were recorded in the last two July and August, the next two months are expected to be higher than the total number recorded in 2020 at 8,417, the British News Agency reported.

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“Instead of deliberately spreading myths and lies about asylum and migration, it is better for the Home Office to find safe ways for some who want to escape persecution and seek refuge here,” said Steve Waltz Symonds, director of refugee and immigration. Issues in Amnesty International UK.