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Britain realized the importance of the Middle East due to the invasion of Ukraine

Britain realized the importance of the Middle East due to the invasion of Ukraine

UK, US and EU officials have expressed surprise that pro-Western countries in the Middle East have not yet spoken out against Russia in the wake of Russia’s occupation of Ukraine.

Ghanem Nusseibeh, founder of Cornerstone Global Associates, blamed the British for failing to recognize the strategic importance of the Middle East’s decades of EU foreign policy and treating them only as trading partners. The newspaper “Daily Express” in a statement released today Saturday. .

The European Union is influencing Britain’s relations with the Middle East

He emphasized that the UK was now in a position to “re-balance relations” between the West and the Middle East, and said that this was important for threats such as hostilities. We are now witnessing in Ukraine.

Nusseibeh, a risk management consultant, said the UK’s previous position in the EU had prevented it from developing strong ties with the Middle East, but in the wake of Russia’s invasion of its neighbor Britain, Britain was a “pioneer in the Western world”.

He said this leadership should not be postponed as current events pass, but should be used to strengthen relations with Western countries around the world, adding that political capital with the Middle East should be further structured to ensure that anything like this happens. In the future, capital can be used to ensure a pro-Western response.

The EU has failed to treat the Middle East

Nusseibeh pointed to the possibility of future conflicts between Iran, China and possibly Russia, emphasizing the importance of strengthening world relations, however, he pointed to the possibility of the EU learning from its mistakes in foreign policy and correcting its course. The Middle East was slim – he said.

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He added: “The EU has failed the entire Western world. Now we see the consequences. They are narrow-minded and closed. I think they will continue to make those mistakes.

Britain returns to Middle Eastern countries

The failure of the European Union and the United States to recognize the importance of the region has worsened relations between the West and the Middle East, but the risk management adviser explained that it was “never too late” for the UK.

He hoped that the new “big” free trade agreements signed between Britain and the Middle East after the UK left the EU would help regain the influence it had lost 20 or 30 years as a result of the way the EU had behaved. However, free trade agreements alone will not eliminate this completely for you.