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Britain rescinds decision to demolish wells to end gas crisis

Britain rescinds decision to demolish wells to end gas crisis

The UK oil and gas regulator has withdrawn a request by Quadrilla to plug and drop two gas wells in Lancashire, sparking allegations that the government is reopening the door to controversial technology, the Guardian reports.

The move comes amid concerns over UK energy security in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been hesitant about the government’s decision to end the imposition of fracturing in 2019.

As of Thursday, the North Sea Intermediate Authority (NSTA) had revoked its special order for the UK’s leading hydraulic fracturing company to put concrete in its wells.

He noted that the decision drew strong criticism from environmental groups and the general public, while Labor said the oil regulator had succumbed to government pressure, describing the Westminster official ‘s claim as nonsense.

The NTSA had previously asked Quadrilla to close the wells permanently at Preston New Road and Elswick by the end of June, but the NSTA ruled that the closure of the wells could be delayed by a year, after the inspection agency filed on March 28 to rescind the decision.

“Quadrilla now has until the end of June next year to evaluate options for the Preston New Road and Elswick site.

The newspaper confirmed that the report points out that “Quadrilla” could use the extra year to develop proposals on how to reduce concerns such as noise, water pollution or minor tremors associated with the hydraulic fracturing process. The government may allow the company to move forward with its original plans because of its opposition to fracking.

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