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Britain supplies Ukraine with a terrible missile .. Get to know "Star Strike"

Britain supplies Ukraine with a terrible missile .. Get to know “Star Strike”

Ben Wallace said in a statement to the BBC, “We will supply them,” referring to the missiles.Starstreak“Anti-aircraft.

Star Strike is a British short-range, shoulder-fired air defense system produced by Thales Air Defense and has been in service in the British Army since 1997, after it was developed in the early eighties to replace the shoulder-fired missiles.

In 2007, the manufacturer revealed that it had developed a Starstreak II, an advanced version of the Starstreak missile. After a significant increase in his potential.

Star Streak missiles are portable, short-range, high-precision systems with a missile speed of three times the speed of sound, and characterized by the presence of three launch nozzles that can launch missiles together or sequentially.

Star Strike is one of the most advanced anti-aircraft missile systems in the world. It is a versatile missile that can be launched from various land, sea and air platforms, but it is primarily designed to deal with air threats.

The missile is equipped with a warhead that can penetrate the target and explode inside it to ensure its complete destruction. It is also characterized by providing it with a processor to detect targets with an accurate guidance system, making it able to bypass various counter systems.

The guidance system is characterized by the use of laser beams as well as optical and thermal guidance, and the system is equipped with a processor for target detection and guidance and means to bypass counter systems, and this system can engage and destroy small air targets.

In the early eighties, when the choice was being made between developing missiles or guns to increase air defense capabilities, it was found that the high-speed missile system would best meet the needs, and could also replace the shoulder-fired missiles.

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In 1984, the British Ministry of Defense awarded development contracts to British Aerospace (BAE) and short-range missile systems, and the missile was formally accepted into service in September 1997, with the missile intended to replace the Javelin surface-to-air missile in British service.

In mid-2007, Northern Ireland’s UK company Thales revealed that it had developed the Starstreak II, a much improved successor to the Starstreak missile. Some advantages have been incorporated into this new missile by improving its range and lethality.

In 2011, Thales won a contract to produce the Lightweight Multi-Mission Missile (LMM), and the company announced that it had agreed with the Department of Defense to re-role previously contracted budgets to facilitate the mass development and serial production of Star-Strike missiles.

The weight of the entire system is about 35 kilograms, while the weight of the missile alone is 17 kilograms, and its minimum range is 300 meters, while the maximum range is seven kilometers, as well as its ability to deal with ground targets.