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Britain will face electricity problems next winter

Britain will face electricity problems next winter

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In light of the crisis over Russia’s gas supplies to the West, National Grid, which oversees the operation of Britain’s power grid, has warned that power cuts this winter could lead to periods of tension in power supplies. Energy supply from Russia.
The “Telegraph” newspaper quoted National Grid, which oversees the operation of the British power grid: “In its annual forecast for the supply of electricity to consumers in the winter, National Grid announces that it expects to use submarines this winter. The cables that carry electricity from the continent, but even with that support, were tense in early December. warned periods.”
The newspaper noted, “Britain will rely more and more on imported energy sources to keep the lights on this winter.”
The Times, citing forecasts from the BFY consultancy, said UK energy bills could hit record levels early next year.
European stock markets saw a rapid rise in gas sales prices after Gazprom announced it would stop operating another turbine of Siemens compressors at the Portovia pumping station. Over 33 million cubic meters per day on July 27. In fact, deliveries that day were less than 20% of the pipeline’s maximum capacity.
European Energy Commissioner Kadri Simpson said representatives of the European network of operators of electricity transmission systems will meet to decide on doubling supplies from Ukraine.
“The current amount of cross-border electricity supply (from Ukraine) is 100 MW. Representatives of European transmission system operators will meet this week to decide on doubling this amount,” Simpson told a press conference. tuesday
The European Commissioner explained that such a decision could take effect immediately after the agreement. Simpson added that the increase in electricity supply would allow Ukraine to generate additional revenue to offset the effects of the conflict. As Paolo Gentiloni previously noted for Economy, prices of “blue fuel” were six times higher in Europe at the end of June than last year. According to him, at the end of last month, gas was traded at 140 euros per megawatt-hour.

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