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Britain's new plan to deal with refugees ... The first batch of deportations to Rwanda begins two weeks later |  political news

Britain’s new plan to deal with refugees … The first batch of deportations to Rwanda begins two weeks later | political news


Britain announced on Tuesday that it was beginning to report that illegal immigrants in Britain would be deported to Rwanda.

London has indicated that the first batch will be deported on June 14 if the decision to deport them is not appealed to the judiciary.

When the controversial plan was announced in mid-April, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who will travel to the Rwandan capital, Kigali, to attend the Commonwealth summit in late June, expected human rights groups to take legal action against it.

“Although we know there will be efforts to stop the process and delay deportation, I will not back down and I am determined to implement what the British public expects,” British Home Secretary Priti Patel said on Tuesday.

Patel hailed the new phase of implementing the partnership with Rwanda as part of the government’s strategy to reform the broken asylum system and break the kidnapping business network.

British Home Secretary Priti Patel (R Witters)

The British government says people deported to Rwanda will be able to rebuild their lives there with full security.

The agreement, which allows the UK to deport immigrants and asylum seekers to Rwanda, has drawn strong criticism from human rights groups, opposition parties in both countries and the United Nations.

Under the agreement, London will initially fund up to மில்லியன் 120 million (1 141 million), and the Rwandan government has said it will offer immigrants the opportunity to settle permanently in Rwanda if they wish.

One of the organizations that wanted to appeal the decision of the British government quickly condemned the Home Secretary’s announcement, regretting that this decision preceded the Platinum Jubilee celebrations of the accession of Queen Elizabeth II to the throne.

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“What a way to celebrate Jubilee Weekend, saying that victims of torture and slavery travel thousands of miles and that they will be driven to a dictatorship,” Bella Changi, director of preventive action, said on Twitter.

Rwanda is a small country with a population of 13 million, spread over an area of ​​26.3 thousand km2 in the Great Lakes region of Africa.

Rwanda has in the past accepted African immigrants under an agreement with the African Union and the African Authority, and last year granted asylum to Afghans who fled after the Taliban seized power.