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لاجئون سوريون في بريطانيا (Getty)

Britain’s official view on the deportation of a Syrian refugee

The British Interior Ministry explained in a unique case the rejection of a young Syrian asylum application on its soil and the possibility of deportation to Syria.

The Interior Ministry said on its Twitter account yesterday evening, Tuesday, that the British government was not sending people back to Syria under the current circumstances: “We accept the United Nations ruling that Syria is still safe for these people.”

At the same time, the British ambassador to Syria, Jonathan Horgreaves, confirmed on his official Twitter account that his position on the situation in Syria had not changed: “The situation in the United Kingdom has not changed: there is no Syria. It is now safe for refugees to return, and we will not return refugees.” ” Refugees to Syria.

The report said that the incident in which a Syrian youth was refused asylum in Britain caused controversy and he expressed the need to return to his country. The Guardian newspaper UK, Monday.

The newspaper reported that a 25-year-old Syrian asylum seeker had sought asylum in Britain in May 2020.

He escaped being forced into Assad regime forces in 2017 and will have to kill other Syrians, the newspaper added.

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After requesting anonymity, he explained that if he was forced to return to Syria, he would be targeted as a draft dodger, arrested and killed.

However, in a rejection letter sent to the asylum seeker by the Interior Ministry, officials said: “We do not believe in the possibility of harassment.”

In a letter to The Guardian, he said, “When you return to Syria, it is unacceptable that you run the risk of being persecuted or severely harmed because your political views have led to draft evasion.”

The letter made no mention of the Syrian refugee being forced to return to Syria, but after he was refused asylum there, his departure from the kingdom was seen as a kind of pressure, and European nations closed their doors in the face of new ones. Refugees.

The United Kingdom, so far, has not deported any Syrian refugees to its territory, as confirmed by international human rights organizations due to the still-existing risks.

An international group insists: Syria is not safe for refugee returns

Human rights reports warn against the return of Syrian refugees in the current context, with the United Nations Human Rights Council adopting a resolution last October stressing that there is still no safe environment in Syria for the return of Syrian refugees and displaced persons.

Amnesty International has documented that “Syrian refugees have been arrested and disappeared, at the hands of the Assad regime, and have called on Western governments to return to their homeland and stop pressuring Syrian refugees. To their homeland.

Syrians describe their pain after insisting that Denmark be deported under the pretext of being “unworthy”