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British activists force London police to release an illegal immigrant (video) |  News

British activists force London police to release an illegal immigrant (video) | News

Activists circulated photos and videos of clashes between dozens of activists and security forces in the Beckham area southeast of the British capital, London, following the arrest of an illegal immigrant, forcing police to release him.

Videos and photos showed expressions of the protest and the clashes that erupted between activists and police the day before yesterday.

Immigration officials who tried to arrest the immigrant were forced to retreat tactically after being confronted by a crowd of Londoners chanting ‘Let him go’.

The newspaper added that protesters surrounded an immigration enforcement truck and clashed with security forces, forcing police to seek support from the interior ministry after more than 100 people rioted.

Authorities said the man, believed to be a Nigerian, was released on bail on suspicion of staying beyond the visa period.

After the arrested immigrant was forced to leave, video clips documenting the departure of the empty police truck circulated widely on the sites.

Another clip showed officers leaving, with the crowd behind them chanting “Don’t go back to Beckham.”

In a related context, the British judiciary on Monday rejected last-minute petitions against the government’s controversial plan to deport illegal immigrants from the United Kingdom to Rwanda, ahead of scheduled flights.

A judge of the Court of Appeals in London has ruled that “this appeal has been dismissed” against Boris Johnson’s Conservative government plan aimed at stopping the channel’s illegal shortcuts.

Proof : Al Jazeera Live + Daily Mail + Social media

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