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British Ambassador meets Governor Balka and visits UK-funded programs to support youth

Al-Uppu – Al-Dastor – Iptism Al-Attiyah

The British Ambassador “Bridget Bridge” today visited the Al-Balka Governorate, visiting the UK-funded Refugee Support Program and the Synchrotron Center for Experimental Science and Applications in the Middle East (SESAME).

The ambassador met with Balka Governor Naib al-Hidayat, the chairman of the Great Salt Municipal Council Ali Badayane and several other executives at the Balka Governor House.

The ambassador met with the governor’s parliamentary representatives and local youth.

Al-Balka’s Governor Naib al-Hidayat welcomed Ambassador Print’s visit, emphasizing the depth of relations and friendship between Jordan and the United Kingdom, and summarizing the Governor’s mission and duties in his region.

Al-Hidayat said, “These duties and responsibilities have gone beyond the role of security and administration to the level of development for the purpose of improving the level of services provided to the citizens and contributing to the economic and social development of the province. Addressing economic problems affecting the province such as poverty and unemployment.”

Governor Balka gave a summary of the economic and social realities of the governorate and the benefits it enjoys, the most important of which are tourism, heritage and religious sites, as well as agricultural sites in the province, in addition to investment opportunities it can be used in various parts of the province.

Ambassador Print also visited the Musa Al Saheed Cultural Center, where he spoke to refugees receiving support from the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) with the support of the United Kingdom.

The NRC provides legal information, advice and assistance on a variety of issues, including civil documents, housing rights and labor rights.

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Ambassador concluded his visit to Allen, where he visited the SESAME Center for Experimental Science and Applications in the Middle East, the first global center to excel in scientific research in the Middle East. Ambassador Dr. Khalid was met by the Director General of the Center, Toucan, who accompanied the Ambassador and his entourage on a tour of the station.

“The United Kingdom has played a key role in the scientific and technological development of the Sesame Center’s operations, not only by donating equipment to the facility, but also by training programs organized by the Diamond Center in the UK.

The recent “Integrated Study on Security, Development and Foreign Policy” by the British Government underscored the importance of science and innovation, including cooperation with international partners. The benefits of scientific cooperation are demonstrated by the international nature of synchronicity, which includes the contributions of the United Kingdom.

Following the meetings, Ambassador Print said: “Today I am pleased to visit Balka Governorate and Salt City, where we had a series of fruitful meetings with official delegates and youth from Balka. We are celebrating Jordan’s 100th anniversary and looking forward to 100 years of close friendship with the United Kingdom. The city, today it is an archive for the Synchrotron Center for Experimental Science and Applications, the region’s largest international science center and the world’s largest research facility powered by renewable energy. “

The British Government is committed to working and collaborating with Jordan at all levels, in government and in civil society.