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British Ambassador: The alliance between Egypt and England is stronger than ever

British Ambassador: The alliance between Egypt and England is stronger than ever

Sir Jeffrey Adams, British Ambassador to Cairo, stressed that the partnership between the United Kingdom and Egypt was stronger than at any time in the last three years.

Sir Adams said in a video message he posted on his Twitter account on Thursday as he completed his mission in Cairo, ending his three-year term today, “Thank you to everyone who made this period unforgettable.” “

He expressed his pride in what he had achieved during his tenure as Egypt’s ambassador to Egypt, as a stronger partnership than ever had been built between Egypt and the United Kingdom in many areas, especially in trade, investment and security.

He added, “We have been building strong partnerships between the two countries, which recently appear to be the biggest challenge in the world represented by climate change.”

Adams expressed his delight at the return of direct flights between the United Kingdom and Sharm el-Sheikh during his stay in Egypt; This gave impetus to the tourism sector.

British Ambassador President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson met at Downing Street in January 2020 – where the two leaders agreed that there were no limits to the partnership between the United Kingdom and Egypt. They described it: the sky is the limit. “From this meeting, we have done a good job in implementing the orders of President CC and Prime Minister Johnson.

Personally, he and his family had a wonderful time in Egypt, where they visited all the Egyptian cities and met many “wonderful” people, who had personal memories of Egypt – for the first time in the seventies of the last century – to return to that time. Another twenty years ago, his father also ended his diplomatic career, and he was ambassador to Britain for nearly fifty years, and he ends his diplomatic career in Cairo, where he retires from diplomatic service “in the same position and in the same house (residence), which is a wonderful thing . “

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He noted that at the end of three wonderful years in Egypt, he would retire from the diplomatic service after 42 years of service and return to live in Scotland.

He described the ambassador who came after him as Carrot Bailey, and described him as an “old friend” because they worked together at the British Embassy in Cairo twenty years ago, when the new ambassador learned Arabic in Cairo and spoke Arabic. Well.

He thanked everyone who has helped us achieve what we have achieved over the past three years, especially for the members of the embassy.

Sir Adams said – at the end of his letter in Arabic – “My family and I drank from the Nile, so this is not a goodbye, it is a goodbye.”

New Ambassador Gareth Bailey is set to take over as Britain’s new ambassador from September.

Bailey is currently the Director of South Asia and Afghanistan at the British Foreign Office in London, as well as the Prime Minister’s Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The new ambassador also served as the UK’s special envoy to Syria; Bailey held his first diplomatic post in Cairo, where he learned Arabic, and then served as second secretary at the British Embassy in Cairo from 1998 to 2002.

During Ambassador Bailey’s next diplomatic career he held positions in Baghdad, Jerusalem and New York.