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British Ambassador: The continuation of the siege imposed on the city of Dice is unacceptable

British Ambassador: The continuation of the siege imposed on the city of Dice is unacceptable

LONDON (Debriefer) – The United Kingdom has stressed the need for a successful humanitarian ceasefire in Yemen and the need to find appropriate solutions to the pending issues between those opposing the establishment of the ceasefire and its extension.

Richard Oppenheim, the British ambassador to Yemen, has said that international mediators will continue to work with the office of Yemeni Ambassador Hans Grundberg. Presidential Council and the Houthis regarding passports that led to the resumption of commercial flights through Sanaa International Airport.

During a panel discussion on the UK’s vision for peace in Yemen, Oppenheim added that international efforts in Toys and other governorates focused on opening up roads to alleviate the suffering of the public and help them. The right to freedom of movement.

He said, “It is now 10 hours to reach the city of Dice, during which the public experience difficulties and dangers on the mountain roads, only a few minutes after reaching the city.”

Dice insisted that the siege of the city by the Houthis was unacceptable.

The British ambassador considered the ceasefire announced in Yemen to represent a golden opportunity, and the parties to the conflict should take advantage of this to prepare for a comprehensive and lasting peace.

He stressed that the parties to the conflict in Yemen must continue to conclude understandings on the exchange of prisoners and adhere to human rights principles and international conventions.

UN Security Council calls on Yemen to suspend uranium enrichment Oppenheim revealed the British draft resolution instead of Security Council Resolution 2216, saying that the Security Council would be prepared to issue a new resolution “when there is genuine consensus on a political settlement between the parties in Yemen.”

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He praised the role of Yemeni voluntary organizations in providing humanitarian response, providing basic services and supporting social solidarity in local communities.

He said the participation of civil society organizations in peace consultation would have positive benefits.
UN He said the ambassador had a good idea and would discuss with him next month his vision for peace in Yemen.

Ambassador Oppenheim praised the role of women in Yemen, saying “women are more interested in political settlement and comprehensive peace than men”.