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British and Russians equally believe in their political system

The United Kingdom is tied with Russia for trust in their political system, according to a global survey, with Britain in the second half of a list of countries. [في الاستطلاع].

In detail, only one in six British voters (equivalent to 17 percent) expressed full satisfaction with the mechanism of the political system, while twice as many (32 percent) said they were dissatisfied. Organization performance politician.

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The analysis, covering 23 countries, was conducted by the Institute of Politics at King’s College London (KCL) as part of the World Values ​​Survey, the world’s leading scholarly research project on social studies.

It’s worth noting that the data was collected in 2022, when Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson was ousted by his party, a disaster that Lis Terrace will hold for just six months as leader of the council.

Bobby Duffy, director of the Institute of Politics at King’s College London, said: “Support for the idea of ​​democracy is huge and growing in the UK, but our level of confidence about its current course has fallen significantly.”

A majority of people say democracy is a good and important idea, but only 17 percent [من الناخبين] They expressed great satisfaction with the current performance of our political system, which places us in the second half of the world league table.

It is worth noting that the United Kingdom is among the countries participating in the analysis of trust in the political system, which recorded the lowest level, and its levels of trust were similar to the level of trust in Russia (16 percent), Mexico (17 percent), and Nigeria (15 percent).

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The UK’s rating was much lower than countries such as Norway (41 per cent), Canada (36 per cent) and Germany (36 per cent) – although higher than France (13 per cent) and the US (12 per cent). .

The highest level of satisfaction in the United Kingdom was in Northern Ireland, where only 8 per cent of voters confirmed their absolute satisfaction with political performance, while 56 per cent of them expressed their dissatisfaction, continuing the deadlock on the subject of objections to the Stormoot. “Party DUP on post-Brexit trade measures

However, Britain’s support for democracy has been rising over the past two decades, and the percentage of people who think it is a very good or relatively good way of governing the country has risen to 90 percent in 2022, compared to 76 percent. 1999.

In this regard, Professor Duffy said, “There is no evidence here that people in Britain are tired of democracy and more open to authoritarian forms of government.”

“It’s true that millennials were less enthusiastic about democracy when they reached adulthood, but today their position is more in line with older generations.”

After the results of a global survey were published, it revealed that the public in Britain trust the European Union more than they trust the British Parliament.

Indeed, trust levels in the Westminster parliament have fallen by 10 points to just 22 per cent since the Brexit vote, while trust levels in Brussels have risen by seven points to 39 per cent.

Professor Duffy concluded, “Our trust in the EU has risen again since Brexit, and today we trust it far more than we trust our parliament and government.”

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Finally, 3,056 adults from across the UK took part in a recent survey, according to the Institute of Politics at King’s College London.