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"أتلانتس البريطانية".. العثور على مدينة ابتلعها البحر بالكامل منذ 650 عامًا

“British Atlantis” .. Finding a city that was swallowed whole by the sea 650 years ago

Lost ancient city Swallowed whole by the seas centuries ago, it was found after decades of research Ravenser Odd A medieval port city located in East Yorkshire, a major county in the North East of England.

The city was a port and a major place to stop for fishing boats and cargo ships. The 13th-century town had more than 100 homes and a collection of docks and warehouses along the seashore, and had become a thriving port city by 1299.

City location

Unfortunately, the city was dredged into the sea in the middle of the 19th century and has remained under water for centuries, and many refer to the city as the Lost Atlantis of Britain because no one has been able to see it for more than 650 years.

Scientists have been trying to locate the city for years, but recent searches near the shore revealed rocks and stonework just a few meters under the water’s surface, according to a report. Mirror.

Experts said the city had remained undiscovered for centuries as previous scholars searched for it in all the wrong places. Ravenser Odd It was about a mile off the Yorkshire coast.

ruins under the sea
ruins under the sea

But when a new scientist took their search near the shore, they found rocks and stonework, and experts say the discovery could be as legendary as the discovery of Pompeii, an Italian city.

Professor Dan Parsons, a geologist at the University of Hull, told The Sun newspaper, “It’s fascinating, exciting and exhilarating. The exact location of this medieval city has never been determined.” He continued, “We now have the tools and technology to go there and locate it once.” and forever”.

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The team led by Parsons now hopes to find the city’s footprint. Once they have found the foundations, harbors and seawalls, they will locate and create a 3D map, while Phil Mattison, who has devoted 25 years of his life to searching for the city, said, “Finding the city after so long.” It will be a fulfillment of life’s mission.”