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British climber warns of the dangers of climate change without ropes in the Tower of London .. Video

British climber George King Thompson climbed the Tower of London a few months after being imprisoned for culminating in the famous shorts of the United Kingdom.

King Thompson, 21, climbed the 23-story Onyx Tower in Stratford, east London, without ropes. All receptors for the hormones endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin are released simultaneously to enhance your survival when hanging at your fingertips.

Thompson peaked

Thomson is producing
Thompson climbed to the top of the Tower of London

Climber George King Thompson added: “Once the climb to the top of the tower is over, everything will pass while you are alive, and I can no longer walk the streets as a safe person,” he said. “It feels so surreal. I can’t express it.” About him, it is like describing a color to a blind person, which is a completely unique feeling. But I’m constantly trying, that feeling, that level. “

Thompson walks over the tower
Thompson walks over the tower

Thompson at the top of the tower
Thompson at the top of the tower

King Thompson’s record was added a few days after he climbed into the nearby stratosphere, but he admitted that his work was dangerous. Seriously, otherwise I might have died. “

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