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British company apologizes after sending “socks” to customers to reduce the use of heating devices

The British energy company EON has expressed “deep regret” for sending socks to customers in the UK to reduce the use of heating equipment, the BBC Arab website said..

Furthermore the BBC considers that “E.ON” has become the second largest supplier of energy in the UK, at a time when consumers are suffering from rising cost of living due to rising energy prices..

Earlier this week, the founder of Ofo said it was “really embarrassed” that the company was offering its customers energy-saving tips, including jumping and petting..

UK energy tariffs are expected to rise sharply in April.

Socks were shipped to customers by Next, EON’s division responsible for selling and promoting electricity generated from renewable energy..

The company included a message with socks encouraging people to leave “lighter footprints” by reducing heat and reducing carbon emissions.. Some customers reacted with anger and bewilderment, especially when the stockings were sent to their elderly relatives..

But the company has now apologized and said on Twitter: “If you received a pair of socks from us, we would like to express our deepest condolences to some of the feelings we caused.“.

“Given the seriousness of the current challenges facing many, these parcels should have been discontinued. We are sorry,” he added.

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