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وزير الدفاع البريطانى: نستطيع توجيه ضربة للجيش الروسى كما فعلنا عام 1853

British Defense Minister: We can deal a blow to the Russian army as we did in 1853

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said that Russian President Vladimir Putin Russia was left alone without friends in the Ukraine crisis, according to urgent news broadcast by Al-Arabiya TV, and the British Minister of Defense added: We can deal a blow to the Russian army, as we did in 1853.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed that the international situation is going through a difficult stage, stressing the priority of defending Russia’s interests and the security of its citizens..

“We see how difficult the international situation is and what risks and challenges exist, such as the easing of the arms control regime, or the military activity of the NATO bloc,” Putin added – in congratulating his country’s citizens on the occasion of the Day of Defenders of the Fatherland.“.

He continued, “I repeat that the interests of Russia and the security of our citizens are a priority for us. That is why we will continue to develop and improve the army and the fleet“.

According to the “Russia Today” news network, Putin indicated that the weapons that are present in the combat duty of the Russian army are unparalleled in the world, noting that sudden tests and regular large-scale exercises showed that the readiness and cohesion of the Russian army units has significantly improved..

Today, February 23, coincides with the Russian “Protectors of the Fatherland” holiday, as Russia witnesses on this date every year official celebrations to commemorate this anniversary, in addition to wide popular festive activities.

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