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British Diplomat: Government Amendment on Afghanistan Resettlement Plan Will Lose Lives


The former British ambassador to the Afghan capital, Kabul, has warned that the Home Office’s decision to reduce eligibility for the “resettlement of Afghans fleeing persecution” program could be fatal.

Nick Kay, who served as the UK’s ambassador to Afghanistan from 2017 to 2019, told The Independent that the changes would leave vulnerable Afghans working in the UK “safeguarding human rights, good governance and democracy” in Britain.

“The delay in expelling them is killing the Afghans, causing great grief and undermining the UK Government’s claim to provide a safe route and a warm welcome to those we left in August,” he stressed.

Ministers have been accused of “breaking promises” to Afghan citizens after this weekend tightening the rules of the Afghan Resettlement Assistance Policy (ARAP), which is designed to help Afghans who have worked for the British government in the country. Danger after the Taliban took over the country. .

The explanatory note on the changes, released by the Interior Office, states that the updated brief resettlement plan will now be “shorter” than the rules previously used when thousands of people were evacuated from Afghanistan in August.

The plan is now limited to the resettlement of those who have served in the UK and can prove that they are in any danger in Afghanistan or that they have made a “significant and positive contribution” to the security of the British or Afghan army. Objectives in the country.

Source: “The Independent”