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British doctors strike headache for government – World News

Tens of thousands of doctors went on strike in Britain today, Monday, amid demands for higher pay and protests from junior doctors studying medicine, who make up 45% of all doctors in the UK’s health service.

Senior doctors intervened to find a temporary solution to the crisis

The British “Daily Mirror” website said at the time that the British Doctors Syndicate confirmed that senior doctors had worked to secure state aid and replace young doctors in the face of massive protests and strikes. Pay for junior doctors has fallen by up to 26% since 2008, a time of global economic crisis that has increased patient numbers and increased patient waiting lists, leading to some doctors trying to quit. Leave the field to get a better job.

Hourly rate of pay for a new graduate paramedic

The syndicate said newly graduated paramedics earned just A$14.09 an hour, a very small figure.

Argument between government and doctors

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak told reporters on Sunday that the doctors’ strike in Britain started last December, but the strike lasted for 3 days and is expected to severely affect medical services in Britain, certainly cancer patients and some activities. The disruption was disappointing. The union then hit back at him and asked him to raise wages as the government ignored their demands.

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