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British Dubai students participate in the UK Pavilion at Expo 2020

British University in Dubai, Harriet-Wat University Dubai and Birmingham participated in organizing scientific activities within the UK Pavilion’s activities at Dubai Expo 2020, where universities reviewed British education and shared their experiences in the artificial field. Intelligence, Robotics and Engineering.

A team from British University in Dubai, led by Hugh Martin, Registrar General and Head of Administrative Affairs, prepared the event, which included the operation of self-driving vehicles, parts used in electric cars and drones.

The Department of Engineering at the University also organized events covering electric motors and various measuring devices used in electrical and mechanical engineering, where students were able to learn how to use them, operate them and their various applications. The university participated in the event with the support of two of the university’s founders (Rolls Royce and the British Business Council in Dubai and the Northern Emirates), where the Rolls Royce team attended the events.

The British Royal Air Force (Red Arrows) team, after completing their special flight program, visited the exhibition of participating British universities and discussed with the audience, answering students’ questions, and completing the activities.
The Student Reception was held at the UK Pavilion by Patrick Moody, Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to the United Arab Emirates and Simon Penny, Deputy Ambassador to Dubai. Middle East and North Africa.

General Hugh Martin, Registrar of British University in Dubai, Wing Commander David Montenegro, Captain of the Red Arrows, presented a memento on behalf of the University and received a signed photograph from all the pilots.
Martin expressed his delight at representing the British University in Dubai at the event and expressed his pride to the students who participated in the event, marking the performance of the world-renowned Red Arrows team as an outstanding event. Expo 2020 is the first week of Dubai.


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