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British expert: National strategy for artificial intelligence is ambitious, but requires serious funding

British expert: National strategy for artificial intelligence is ambitious, but requires serious funding

A British expert this week praised the UK’s first national artificial intelligence strategy, describing it as brilliant and ambitious, but noted that it needed serious funding or that the government was in danger of collapsing.

On Friday, the British government reaffirmed its commitment to enhance domestic artificial intelligence capabilities over the next decade; By focusing on the resources and focus on skills, competence, computer power and data access

Achieving a “global superpower in the field of artificial intelligence” was widely welcomed by the technological ecosystem in the country.

Mark Warner, CEO of the UK AI Startup Federation, commented that while welcoming the “real ambition” the government should show that it is serious about providing long-term support to improve the UK’s capabilities and global competitiveness. The government believes this in favor of artificial intelligence.

“I think this is a good strategy,” Warner told Tech Crunch on Saturday. “It has real ambition, and it’s very rare for a government to know some of the important things we need to fix.”

He added: “But the problem here – and this is a big problem – is that there are currently no official numbers related to it.”

“While there are a lot of big things about strategy in policy, in practice it is very important that it is really supported with the funding you need, and that it has a commitment to the highest standards of government overall. Implementation required for such projects,” he added.

Warner warned that the hopeful possibility of a “worst strategy” would be made possible by “world records” if it did not match potential funding.

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By reviewing public spending scheduled for October 27, London is expected to outline its public spending plans for the next three years soon.