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"إكسبريس" البريطانية: مفاعل "تشيرنوبل" فى حالة تأهب إشعاعى مع اندلاع 7 حرائق

British “Express”: “Chernobyl” reactor is on radiological alert, with 7 fires breaking out

The Chernobyl nuclear plant has been put on alert after multiple wildfires erupted near the plant, raising fears of a “spread of radioactive smoke” in the wake of a suspected Russian attack, the British newspaper “Express” said..

She added that as many as seven wildfires are believed to have been caused by either Russian bombing or arson, according to the Ukrainian parliament..

Ukraine said the fires were “burning unchecked” in the area currently under the control of Russian forces, and according to Ukraine’s state service for special communications, this has raised concerns that “radioactive smoke may spread”.

This comes after the Ukrainian intelligence department warned that Moscow was planning an attack on the Chernobyl plant.

The International Atomic Energy Agency has expressed concern about the sudden outage of data from the station Chernobyl She explained that the reasons for stopping the flow of data from Chernobyl are not yet clear.

The suffering of the residents of Ukraine’s cities that are subjected to Russian bombardment is increasing, as reports indicated that thousands are trapped in some cities without food or clean water to drink, and are dependent on aid, while the number of refugees is increasing dramatically..

The New York Times said that there are growing fears of a worsening humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, which has left tens of thousands without food, water, electricity or heating in the besieged cities of the south and elsewhere..