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British Foreign Secretary: Putin will not be satisfied with Ukraine because he wants to create a Great Russia

AP Russian Foreign Ministry Press Service

British Foreign Secretary Elizabeth Truss.

British Foreign Secretary Elizabeth Trace considered that Russian President Vladimir Putin will fight wars with neighboring countries to create a “Greater Russia”, if he is not “prevented” at present from “invading Ukraine”.

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The Kremlin: Russia has never attacked anyone and does not even want to talk about

And the newspaper “Daily Mail” reported that Trace said in an interview that Putin’s attack on Ukraine would be a prelude to Russia’s use of force to annex more former Soviet republics.

“We must stop Putin because he will not be satisfied with Ukraine. He has made it clear that his ambition does not only lead to the control of Ukraine because he wants to turn back time, to the mid-1990s or even further,” Tras said, according to the newspaper.

And she continued, “The Baltic states are in danger … and the Western Balkans are in danger as well … Putin spoke about all this publicly, stressing that he wants to create a Great Russia and return to the conditions that existed previously when Russia controlled large areas of Eastern Europe.”

And she added, “This is why it is so important that we and our allies resist Putin. Next week it could be Ukraine, but what country will come next?”

NATO member states insistently claim that Russia is amassing large forces, numbering more than 100,000, near the border with Ukraine “in preparation for an imminent invasion” of Ukrainian territory.

The Russian government has repeatedly stressed that it has no intention of launching any operation against Ukraine, stressing that all reports that speak of this are false and the purpose of these allegations is to escalate tension in the region and fuel anti-Russian rhetoric in preparation for new economic sanctions and justify NATO’s expansion to the east, which it opposes. Moscow strongly, saying that it threatens Russian security.

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Source: “Daily Mail” + agencies