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British Grand Prix: Hamilton takes the pole in the "sprint"

British Grand Prix: Hamilton takes the pole in the “sprint”


Silverstone (United Kingdom) (AFP)

Mercedes world champion Lewis Hamilton will take the pole position on Saturday in the sprint race for the British Formula One Grand Prix after finishing the first qualifying race on Friday at Silverstone.

Qualifying on Saturday is usually dedicated to two free training rounds, but with the introduction of the “sprint” race for the first time since the British race, which is the tenth phase of the season, drivers were satisfied Friday with a free training round, replaced by a second round test. Eligibility to determine polar positions in Saturday’s short “sprint” race.

For the first time, the “Sprint” race will be accepted instead of the usual official tests, as its points will be added to the 25 points awarded to the first place winner and one point to the fastest lap during the race.

The short race of 17 trials will take place at noon on Saturday in the same way as the traditional tests, with the final decision being made in the starting line (52 laps) for the Sunday race.

According to the supervisors of the World Championships for accepting the “sprint” race, the fastest will be awarded three points, the second two points and the third one point, as part of an effort to increase the show and attract more young fans.

The short race, without stopping the 100km distance, is about half an hour, and the starting stages were determined on Friday by a qualifying period of one hour divided into three parts.

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This means there was only one hour of free training on Friday for teams to find the best tuning parameters for cars to suit the conditions of the road.

After finishing third in the free training round behind Dutch Red Bull general class leader Max Verstappen and his teammate Lando Norris (McLaren), Monaco’s Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) and his son’s former Mercedes teammate Valteri Podas (Mercedes) and , Hamilton dominated the qualifying, advancing past the last three-race champion Dutchman and starting the front row for the 101st time in his glorious seven-time career. .

Second Mercedes driver Botas on Saturday was followed by Leclerc, Mexican Red Bull driver Sergio Perez, McLaren doubles Norris, Australian Daniel Ricciardo, Britain’s George Russell (Williams), Science and German Sebastian Vettel (former) in third place.

The sprint will be repeated at the Italian Grand Prix, with one-third yet to be decided, later this year.

Hamilton wants to win the “Sprint” race on Saturday in front of his fans, with up to 140,000 attendees a day over the weekend, to get the three points allotted to the winner and improve him. Chances of getting out of his country’s race for the eighth time starting on Sunday from first place, which will bring him back into the competition round by narrowing the 32-point gap that currently separates him from the brilliant Verstappen.

Hamilton and his Mercedes team, who modified their car this week, especially on the ground, hope to regain their position after lagging far behind the Red Bull, not only Verstappen, who has dominated the last five races after his new driver Pierce won the Azerbaijan Grand Prix and the Monaco race Accepted by a player from his Dutch team.

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These numbers put the Austrian side ahead of the builders’ ranks with a 44-point lead (286 to 242) over Mercedes.

Rankings of Top Ten Qualifying Sessions for Sprint Racing:

1. Lewis Hamilton (GB / Mercedes) 1: 26.134

2. Max Verstappen (Netherlands / Red Bull) 1: 26.209

3. Valteri Botas (Finland / Mercedes) 1: 26.328

4. Charles Leclerc (Monaco / Ferrari) 1: 26.828

5. Sergio Perez (Mexico / Red Bull) 1: 26.844

6. Lando Norris (GB / McLaren) 1: 26.897

7. Daniel Ricciardo (Australia / McLaren) 1: 26.899

8. George Russell (GB / Williams) 1: 26.971

9. Carlos Science (Spain / Ferrari) 1: 27.007

10. Sebastian Vettel (Germany / Aston Martin) 1: 27.179